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matrix-animated-imageThe world in not what it seems. The movie, The Matrix, released in 1999 is but one of the latest in a very long list of many attempts (spanning thousands of years) to alert and remind sentient beings on Earth as to what is going on.

The Gnostics were perhaps the closest to exposing the situation, however they are long-gone and most of what they uncovered and revealed has been lost to the ravages of time and suppression by forces that wish for sentient beings to remain ignorant of "the terror of the situation".

Many theories and ideas have been put forth over the ages trying to explain "how we got here", and while this website does touch upon a few of these (see here, here, and here) our focus is on what can be done to reverse the deception, division and domination which controls human life on Earth and continues life in the Matrix.

Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957) helped to uncover (see here, here, and here) the primary reason for man's inability to break-free from a life of illusion, stunted being and wrong work of centers, but he too was suppressed and imprisoned (and died in prison shortly before his scheduled release!) and much of his work was actually burned by U.S. authorities in 1956!

Mass Psychology of Fascism

mass_psych_fascismReich wrote in Mass Psychology of Fascism:

"From the standpoint of social development, the family cannot be considered the basis of the authoritarian state, only as one of the most important institutions which support it. It is, however, its central reactionary germ cell, the most important place of reproduction of the reactionary and conservative individual. Being itself caused by the authoritarian system, the family becomes the most important institution for its conservation.

"The maintenance of the authoritarian family institution requires more than economic dependence of wife and children on husband and father. This dependence can be tolerated only under the condition that the consciousness of being a sexual being is extinguished as far as possible in women and children.


"The basic religious idea in all patriarchal religions is the negation of the sexual needs. Only in very primitive religions were religiosity and sexuality identical. When social organization passed from matriarchy to patriarchy and class society, the unity of religious and sexual cult underwent a split; the religious cult became the antithesis of the sexual. With that, the cult of sexuality went out of existence. It was replaced by the brothel, pornography and backstairs-sexuality.


"Originally and by nature, sexual pleasure was that which was good, beautiful, happy, that which linked man with the whole of nature. With the splitting up of the sexual and the religious feelings, the sexual became inevitably that which is evil and infernal.


"Infants do not believe in God. The belief in God never takes root in them until the time when they have to learn to suppress their sexual excitation which makes them want to masturbate. Thus they acquire a fear of sexual pleasure. Then they begin not only to believe in God and to fear him as a supernatural being which knows everything and sees everything; they also begin to invoke his protection against their own sexual excitation.

"All this serves the function of avoiding masturbation.

"This, then, is the way in which the anchoring of religious ideas takes place in childhood. But these religious ideas would not bind the child's sexual energy and transform it into the opposing forces of moralism and sex-negation if they were not attached to the actual figures of father and mother. When a child does not „honor his father,“ he „sins“; in other words, if he does not fear his father, and indulges in sexual pleasure, he gets punished. To the child's thinking, the strict, denying father is God's representative on earth, his executive organ."