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I cannot drop the habit of chain-smoking. I have tried hard but I have always failed. Is it a sin to smoke?

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill! Religious people are very skillful in doing that. Now, what are you really doing when you are smoking? Just taking some smoke inside your lungs and letting it out. It is a kind of pranayama...filthy, dirty, but still a pranayama! You are doing yoga, in a stupid way. It is not sin. It may be foolish but it is not a sin, certainly.

There is only one sin and that is unawareness, and only one virtue and that is awareness.

Do whatsoever you are doing, but remain a witness to it, and immediately the quality of your doing is transformed.

From: – by Tracey Cox

Sex provides some of life's most intoxicating moments ­- and some of its biggest downers. Whether your experience has weighed heavier on the ups or the downs depends entirely on your "sexual blueprint." We all have one. It's our brain's reference for how we feel and think about sex. Influenced by everything we're presented with sexually, it starts forming in our subconscious on the day we're born. If you've been exposed to positive and healthy people and events, your blueprint will be positive, and your sex life will thrive. But if your sex life isn't as fabulous as you'd like it to be, it's time to figure out why ­- and break the pattern. It comes down to these four saboteurs.

thom_rutledgeby Thom Rutledge

What will happen tomorrow? Will your life go on as usual just as you expect, or will someone space out, run a stop sign, broadside your car and change your life forever? Maybe tomorrow is the last day of your life. Hell, maybe today is. Maybe your doctor has bad news. Will there be a new and improved sniper? Maybe in the Midwest this time? Maybe in your town? Will terrorists crash another airliner into a building? Will there be biochemical warfare? Will the economy take another nose-dive? Will you make it home from work tomorrow? Will you ever see your best friend again?

Lots of questions. The answer to each of them is the same, and you know what that answer is. "I...don’t...know" is the answer.


by Swami Virato

A Spiritual Path of Ecstasy

At a time when even the word "sex" is suspect, it is vitally important to explore the depth of this misunderstood phenomenon from a new perspective...a spiritual one.

We came into this body through the act of procreation...better known as sex. Unless you were artificially inseminated, you wouldn't be here unless a man and woman had sexual intercourse. They had it because it gave them animal pleasure drawn by a deep spiritual pursuit. While we are in a body, this pleasure underpins much of our lives. It matters not if you are a nun, monk or prostitute. Whether you deny it or not, sex runs much of your existence. Unfortunately most of us have lost that special ingredient of this physical attraction that moves us beyond mere physical pleasure to a deeper and more satisfying wholeness.

At one time, long before so-called civilization permeated our culture, humans cultivated this pleasure to transcend into higher dimensions of consciousness, beyond the material, animal orgasm. Thousands of years ago, people had achieved a high degree of awareness and an alchemical formula for converting what we know as sex energy -- called by many names such as Chi, vital force, soul, etc. -- using it to enter into a state of Divinity. Their spiritual philosophy held sexuality as a divine rite and an expression of union or yoga.