U.S. scholar reveals link between organized religion and Manipulative Extraterrestrials

ufo mpCarlo Crivelli’s “Annunciation,” 1486. A UFO-like object in the sky shines a beam of some kind down on Mary’s head.From: exopoliticsnews – by Paul Chen

Ancient Gnostic insights, may shed critical light on human descent into self-destruction from Global Warming. Gnostics suggest, that an awareness of demonic aliens which they observed and documented in the Nag Hammadi, is vital for human beings to be able to protect themselves from a path that would produce human self-destruction, (whether from Global Warming producing activities, or other such activities).

Gnostics, became persecuted by the organized Christian religious Establishment, that had sought to complement the reported control agenda of identified Manipulative aliens, that have been documented as visiting Earth in their UFO space craft through the Biblical era.

John Lash, a learned author and scholar on the Gnostics, documents that apparently keeping humanity ignorant of demonic aliens, was viewed to be unofficial Church Establishment policy. The article entitled “Scientific and Historical research provide critical insights into some reported encounters with intelligent Extraterrestrial life”,

explores as a composite, the thought-provoking historical research of Mr. Lash, Jacques Vallee, V. N. Tsytovich of the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science Malou Zeitlin and Gerry Zeitlin. Mr. Lash, in particular, has documented detailed Gnostic warnings of intelligent Extraterrestrial inorganic life in our solar system. Mr Lash, documents that these inorganic life forms apparently thrive from acting as a parasite against human spiritual free will.


Gnostic view

John Lash in a well presented manner specifically writes about Gnostic observations of Extraterrestrial inorganic life that exploits the human tendency for “error”, that is a propos in a prevailing context of Global Warming and related catastrophic climate change. Mr. Lash carefully details that the cited human tendency for “error”.

This “error” is presented to originate from humans, as sentient beings, having been endowed in their “organic cosmic memory” with the capacity of free will, leading themselves astray from a spiritually cognizant and self-disciplined course of thought and action in space-time.

“It might be said that Gnostics believed that only by confronting what is insane and inhumane in ourselves, can we truly define what is human. In essence, to define humanity is to defend it against distortion. Gnostics asserted that, the capacity for distortion of humanitas, or dehumanization, is inherent in our minds, but this capacity alone is not potentially deviant,” John Lash documents in “Defending Humanity”, LINK. “In Gnostic psychology, the noetic science of the Mystery Schools, Archons are an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind, and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications.”

These Archons are not what makes us act inhumanely, for we all have the potential to go against our innate humanity, violating the truth in our hearts, but they make us play out inhumane behaviour to weird and violent extremes,” documents Dee Finney in “The Archons”, LINK. Human beings have been ideologically led into a Global Warming path that is resulting in the accelerated destruction of Earth’s fragile ecosystem, and biosphere in general, is truly a direction of insanity.

Dee Finney further indicates that, “Left to our own devices, we would sometimes act inhumanely and then correct it, contain the aberration. Obviously, we do not always do so. In the exaggeration of our insane and inhumane tendencies, and in extreme, uncorrected deviance from our innate intelligence, Gnostics saw the signature of an alien species that piggy-backs on the worst human failings.”

Mr. Lash further stipulates that, “Since we are endowed with nous, a dose of divine intelligence, we are able to detect and correct distorted thinking. We can master what Tibetan Buddhists call krol’pa, “thoughts that lead astray,” mental fixations that turn us away from humanitas, our true identity. However, Gnostics also warned of an alien spin that can add a truly deviant element to our thinking.”