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• Fourth Way  —  (FW)

The following lists every instance of  the word —soul — within The Fourth Way.

• In Search of the Miraculous  —  (ISOTM)

Only one instance of the use of the word —soul — within In Search of the Miraculous. (pp. 91-93)

• Beelzebub's Tales  —  (BT)

(85) instances of the word soul.

FW p. 187

Man is divided into four parts: body, soul, essence and personality. We have already spoken about essence and personality. The term 'soul' is used in the system in the sense of life-principle. The soul may be described as a cloud of fine matters or energies connected together and bound to the physical body. As long as it is in the body, the body is alive and body and soul make one thing. When they separate, we say that the body dies. It is this that distinguishes a piece of dead meat from living flesh.

When a centre is working well, the soul is concentrated there. But in an ordinary man the soul has no psychic qualities, nor is it any use your knowing anything more about it. I only tell you this from a theoretical point of view; it is simply material, although of a finer materiality than the body.

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