under-construction-1-smExtracts related to the word, "soul", taken from:

• Fourth Way  —  (FW)

The following lists every instance of  the word —soul — within The Fourth Way.

• In Search of the Miraculous  —  (ISOTM)

Only one instance of the use of the word —soul — within In Search of the Miraculous. (pp. 91-93)

• Beelzebub's Tales  —  (BT)

(85) instances of the word soul.

beelzebubI think I had better tell you a story. It is an old story, told in the Moscow groups in 1916 about the origin of the system and the work and about self-remembering.

It happened in an unknown country at an unknown date that a sly man was walking past a cafe and met a devil. The devil was in very poor shape, both hungry and thirsty, so the sly man took him into the cafe, ordered some coffee and asked him what the trouble was.

The devil said that there was no business. In the old days he used to buy souls and burn them to charcoal, because when people died they had very fat souls that he could take to hell, and all the devils were pleased. But now all the fires in hell were out, because when people died there were no souls.