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Last January, I started looking for a job. I submitted my resumés to different companies. I submitted my resumé to one of the super mall here, but sadly, they didn't even call me for a test, interview or training. Submitted resumé to Clark Air Base [I'm not sure if you guys know that place, but it's in Angeles City] for an encoder, but then again, they didn't call me. I tried to apply to one of the call center companies here, but they said, I need to practice my speech. Sigh.

I submitted my resumé as an secretary to a law office but they hired somebody, it's one of their relatives, I wonder, why do they have to say they are hiring when they are planning to just hired their cousin.? I submitted my resumé to other super mall here as an cashier but didn't pass one of their qualifications. They needed 5'2" minimun in height. But they said, they can hire me a sales clerk, so I agreed. I passed all their exams: oral, medical and physical exams. I even completed all their requirements like SSS, TIN, NBI, and etc. But again, sad to say, I wasn't able to attend their orientation and training because it's in Manila, which is 3 hours away from where I live. And it would cost me more than 500 pesos a day to go to Manila for training. To think that my salary is only less than 350 pesos a day. Damn, excuse me for my words, BUT what the hell are they thinking? geess. That really pisses me off!

Anyway, Late February, I submitted my resumé to one of the big oil companies here as an cashier. Second week of March, they called for an interview. After holy week they called me for my second interview. I passed the interview and a test, I've got only one mistake out of 25. The same day, the manager/owner of that oil company asked me: "so when do you want to start?" I answered, " as soon as possible sir."

So there I am, the first day as their trainee. It's 8 am in the morning, I start my job, together with my trainer, her name is Jen and working also are three pump attendant; Ricky, Rey and Robin (3 R's. lol). During the start of my training, I started asking Jen, like, when did she start working there, how many hours she work, and how much she earned.

And I am surprised. REALLY SURPRISED to what I've heard! She said, she works 12 hours a day, and earns 160 pesos a day. So 160 pesos every 12 hrs. That's less than $4. The three pump attendants were earning less than 150 pesos. That's less than $3. The company pays for a "free lunch," for each employee, but how much? lol. It's 16 pesos a day. You can't even buy one meal for 15 pesos! So what they do is they combine/pool their money to buy 2 meals and divide it 4 ways.

The manager/owner has four expensive luxury cars lined up at the gasoline station. WTF?  He can't pay minimum wage to his employees, but he can afford those big expensive cars! The employees don't even have SSS or even PhilHealth which they deserve, considering the nature of their work -- the three pump attendants work 12 hour shifts standing all day and running to serve customers. Then, they have to smell the gross stinky gas and oil for about 12 hours. Standing on the heat of the sun. Siping the polluted air coming from the jeepney's and other vehicles. They are actually risking their lives.

When I asked them, "Why do you continue working here?" they said, because they don't have a choice but trying to make a living. They also tried to apply to different jobs, but yeah, as I told you and based on my experiences, it's really hard to find a decent and a better job here in Philippines. Specially, if you don't have a college degree. But really, two thumbs up to them! Ricky, Robin, Rey and Jen. I almost bow to them. They are awesome human beings. They made me realized lots of things. They taught me a little about life. They don't lose hope, and they still can smile. Eventhough they are tired and deal with a lot of different kinds of customers, they can still smile which made me survive my training.

9 Hours, that's the amount of time I spent on the gasoline station as a trainee. 9 hours and I've earned 100 pesos ($2). 9 hours and I've realized MORE to life. I've realized how lucky I am.

To Jen, Ricky, Robin, and Rey; Thank You so much! You made my 9 hours of life worth a living. It's really awesome. It is my pleasure to meet you guys. And I hope to see you for the next 5 to 10 years of my life. Maybe, or no, surely, you will attained all your goals in life.  I wish you guys goodluck and please, take care. :)

To Manager/owner. Sir Ernest, what do you think you're doing? Treating your employees as a slave? Is that how low you are? I do wish I can tell you this. But someday, you'll surely get what you really deserved!

Anyway, after my training, I didn't go back to that Gasoline Station. LOL. The next morning, I have received 5 calls from them asking me to continue my training. But didn't obey. My planned is to continue my job here, in Ginrose Cyber Care Café! Deal with my awesome co-ambassador Ginalyn, and great mentor, the Retired Guy. AND, looking forward to talk to you guys to share OUR experiences to life and more.!

This is my new job now, this is where I worked. This is my life. This is my chance to succeed and that is why this website exist, it's because this GinRose Café wants to provide and help people like me. So please, DO subscibe or donate. 

 Pictures I took during my training: (I'm glad I brought my sister's cam. lol)


     <<----That biscuits, eXtreme, was supposed to be my lunch. lol


Shot from the window, that is Rey. --- >>    




     <<--- Shot from the window, that is Ricky.



That's the 100 Pesos I earned during the 9 hours of my training. Laughing

Thank You for reading my Article! :) Till my next post! :)   

                                --<3 Khopii                


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