What Pinay Means

Trying to avoid making gereralizations, we include the following from the internet

the word: pinay

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Pinay Feminism

Since Korean-American and Vietnamese-American scholars such as Laura Hyun Yi Kim and Trinh T. Minh-Ha are significant voices for many Asian American feminists, it is surprising how relatively invisible their Filipina American and Canadian counterparts are in the movement. This lack of visibility is exasperated by the fact that many Filipina feminists have made significant contributions to women’s activism in the developed world, in addition to addressing issues of poverty, social injustice, and violence within the Philippines

the word Pinay

the word: pinay

she defines herself

//about// the word: pinay

google the word pinay. And mail order bride and sexy pilipinas websites flood the search engine results. the definition of the pinay online is defined by the sick pedophiles and perverts that take advantage of the pinay woman. we strive to redefine what the identity of a pinay is online. so the next time you google the word pinay, you will have the thoughts, beliefs, and stories of pinays defining her own identity online as a reminder to others that a pinay is a strong filipina woman that faces much adversity in today’s world, but has time and time again proven that  she is capable of overcoming these barriers. this website strives to remind pinays all over, that it is up to the pinay herself to define who she is, to choose the path she takes in life. the pinay…she defines herself.


rebirth to rise

She breathes slowly

In and out through states of consciousness

Between the duality of her reality

And her own spiritual world

Trafficked into an unjust society

Unrighteously forced with fear

She’d forgotten her freedom

Like a bird with wings clipped

Just longing for the ability to escape

And travel thru time

She prays in solidarity for peace of mind

Deriving her power from the virtuous women before her

Their legends are transcribed across her wings

Spanning across lifetimes of legacies

She stretches them to genuflect to the past

To the women

Who were the tribe’s spiritual healers

The teachers, the keepers of wisdom and faith

To the women who led their people thru war

Women who threw the first spear into the storm

Women whose voice thunders above in war cry

For their struggle to save themselves and rise

Inspired, like the Messiah

She saves her soul, it’s gold

And ruby red blood rushes as

She opens those diamond eyes

Her heart beats

Like the babaylan war drum

She is reborn from the earth

A young and gentle seed

Healing her soul

Rising and aspiring

As she flies away for freedom



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