Defining the target audience

by: Khopii

TARGET AUDIENCE of the Cyber Care Café can be everyone! Not only those people who can be able to pay via membership or donation, but also, those people that are kind-hearted who may understand OUR VISION. The Cyber Care Café Vision, Mission, and the things that this Café wants to accomplish. EVERYONE IS ABSOLUTELY WELCOME! Men & Women, Girls & Boys, Lesbians & Gays, Young & Old, and yes, IT'S DEFINITELY FOR ALL!

Characteristics of Cyber Care Café Target Audience:

• A Kind Person
• Is understanding and broad-minded
• Respects others opinions, lifestyles, beliefs and Nationalities (Maybe Ethnic Group is better word choice?)
• Loves and Respects Mother Nature
• Respects Women and Men (Or: Respect for Women and Men.)
• Does not Discriminate (Reads and sounds better without the contraction, I think.)
• Willingness to Help

What This Café Can Offer To Target Audiences?

First: Companionship. Are you feeling lonely, bored, depressed or stressed? Looking for someone to talk to and have fun with? Well, you are absolutely on the right track! This Café is open 24/7, willing, and always here for someone like you.:)

Second: Fun, Laughter and Happiness: Cyber Care Café can give you some fun and can ease your boredom, and courage to go on to whatever life brings us -- something that those so called “cybersex sites” cannot give. Here you will definitely feel much better in whatever help you may offer/give. It's helping in a legal and much wiser way.

Note: Cyber Care Café is not looking for an audience that seeks NAKED WOMEN or MEN. That’s actually forbidden here. The Café is made to help, to guide, to protect children and teenage girls/boys that are actually abused and illegally used in other “cybersex sites”.

The Cyber Care Café is designed to be an example for alternative MEANS of livelihood.

[to be continue..]

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