Unconscious Procreation, and the consequences to the world we live in.

In the movie, The Matrix, human beings are referred to as "Copper Tops",
an allegory to the well-known battery made by Duracell.

If you've seen this movie, then my formula will make more sense –
Unconscious Procreation = Additional Copper Tops.

In 2009, I began working upon putting this idea in to practice by building a website to help less fortunate Philippino girls earn a living wage in a project I called "The Cyber Care Café."

That website featured a high-speed video chat facility designed to provide cute young girls in the Philippines an opportunity to solicit donations for the project from horny old men.

Cyber Care Café is a pilot project to promote and support entrepreneurship among young girls in the Philippines.

In a third-world country such as the Philippines, with much poverty, limited education and job prospects and little social safety net, it is difficult to escape the status quo.

Cyber Care Café works to provide young Pinay girls a viable alternative to teen marriage or single motherhood (as well as other entrapments into the Matrix) by providing on-the-job training, ongoing education and other support.

From: Matrix Resolutions

Plot Summary

Humans at a watchpost for a human colony outside of Zion (on the Earth's surface) spot a couple of fast "runner" machines scouting their area. The humans run back to a laboratory and lure the machines into a room in which they find a key. They use the key to unlock a door which reveals a giant human-controlled machine that blasts and disables both machines.