A thought experiment

under construction-10-smIn an imaginary world, it is perfectly acceptable for one person to kill another. Of course, there are rules to be followed, and conditions to be met, etc., but there is no legal or moral sanction against murder.

Now, imagine you live in that imaginary world, and someone comes up to you and asks, you haven't murdered anybody yet, why not?

What's your answer, why not? Because it is wrong? What kind of answer is that when it is obviously not "wrong" as judged by society.

No, probably you will make up all kinds of other excuses like:  you haven't met the right person, or you can't afford it yet, etc. and at the same time tend to disregard your true feelings (what your conscience says). This lack of affirmation of conscience leads to atrophy -- it's not being used.

In the same respect, after a lifetime of being asked, do you have kids, I'm only now able to understand the reason why — because it is wrong. No excuses are necessary, the unconscious birth of a human being into the Matrix is the equilivant of murder, or worse still, torture then murder.

Unfortunately, one of the largest and most powerful

normalcy bias

Maybe Gnostic is an escape / can save us from being victims, if not accessories, to the evil and insane patterns of behavior that arise in and around us, not because we are sinful by nature, but because we are ignorant of our true nature.

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