How the ingrained expectation that women should want to become parents is detrimental and unhealthy

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In 2008, Nebraska decriminalized child abandonment. The move was part of a "safe haven" law designed to address increased rates of infanticide in the state. Like other safe haven laws, parents in Nebraska who felt unprepared to care for their babies could drop them off at a designated location without fear of arrest and prosecution. But legislators made a major logistical error: They failed to implement an age limitation for dropped-off children.

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Dear Reader,

While it seems churlish to complain about traveling too much – especially when those travels include so many agreeable places… Paris, Dublin, Portugal, Buenos Aires, Salta City, Cafayate, Asunción… where I have stayed over the past month – it can get pretty grueling.

Especially when there is inevitably a tall pile of work waiting on return… work that has had me at the desk at ridiculous hours this week.

I mention this only as something of a caveat if I seem a bit cranky as I address an issue that has caught my eye this week.

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Author(s): David B Chamberlain


Babies are a source of knowledge about ourselves, a revelation of human nature, and babies can be "bellwethers." Bellwether is a term used by shepherds to designate the lead sheep, the one who wears a bell. I ask you to think about how babies can lead us and what they can teach us. This reverses the usual idea that they should follow and learn from us. But think about it: Would this violent world be better off if we tried to be more like them or if they tried to be more like us?

We do well to watch babies closely. They are like a mirror we can hold up to discover ourselves as fully sentient, fully conscious beings. Babies can also serve (if we let them) as an "Early Warning System" for humankind. This is hazardous duty for babies, teaching us, warning us of danger. In this respect, they are like the beautiful, singing canaries that coal miners once took into the bowels of the earth to warn them of deadly gasses. Babies have several important things to teach us.

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Author(s): David B Chamberlain


Jolted by the epidemic of violence today, parents, legislators, criminologists, policemen, theologians, psychologists, teachers, politicians, and health care providers are all alarmed and looking for some deeper understanding that might lead to practical steps to deal with the problem. The result of this feverish activity is a massive and multiplying literature measured in the thousands of articles, books, conferences, and media productions.

Nevertheless, in all this activity the origins of violence early – very early – in life are rarely explored.

Jeanice Barcelo - Hour 1
Hospital Birth Trauma & Baby Mutilation

From: Red Ice Radio

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a birth doula and independent childbirth educator, specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming "Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation." Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings.

During the first hour we discuss the disturbing aspects of standard baby delivery protocols and procedures within the hospital. Jeanice will talk about the pain and torture that a baby endures during the birthing process as well as the interference that occurs between baby/parent bonding. Many unnecessary and insane procedures are now commonly acceptable during the birthing process. Where did this begin and why? Later, Jeanice talks about satanic occult rituals that require the blood of infants and the mysterious discarding of "medical waste" of umbilical cord blood and placenta.

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I will tell you that I had a mother last night come up to me here in Tampa, Florida, after the debate. She told me that her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter. –Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), on the HPV vaccine, Fox News interview, Sept. 12, 2011

I know that you wouldn’t want your child to cross the street until they understood the rules and the dangers of such an activity. Yet, sex education in America today is a lot like telling your kid to never cross the street without letting them the know the dangers and arming them with the information necessary should they ever find themselves having to cross a street. Check that: adults in America are waging an anti-sex campaign in which we’re pushing our children into a no-man’s land full of hidden mines.

It’s obscene.

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An emancipated minor is a minor who is allowed to conduct a business or any other occupation on their own behalf or for their own account outside the influence of a parent or guardian. The minor will then have full contractual capacity to conclude contract with regard to the business. Whether parental consent is needed to achieve the "emancipated" status varies from case to case. In some cases, court permission is necessary. Protocols vary by jurisdiction.

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Unconscious Procreation = Additional Copper Tops

We all start out as children, and as such receive everything that make us slaves to the Matrix.

There is a dearth of information regarding how children become slaves at the moment of birth, and the central role this plays to the continuation of the Matrix. This is most likely due to the confirmation bias that the great majority of people hold regarding having children. Becoming a parent is almost universally accepted as a fact of life (something that cannot be avoided), and thus little thought is ever given to the consequences of creating a new human being.

under construction-10-smIn an imaginary world, it is perfectly acceptable for one person to kill another. Of course, there are rules to be followed, and conditions to be met, etc., but there is no legal or moral sanction against murder.

Now, imagine you live in that imaginary world, and someone comes up to you and asks, you haven't murdered anybody yet, why not?