The Laura Knight Jadczyk Fraud

(or how I learned that channeling aliens via a ouija board and conning the new age can lead to a chateau in southern France, a serious weight problem and the apocalypse.)

From: – by Jay Weidner

Laura Knight Jadczyk has been attacking me (Jay Weidner) on the internet for over 10 years now. Until recently I have never publicly responded to these attacks. Laura uses her vast web resources to attack me both in person and anonymously.

I have been called many things by Laura Knight Jadczyk including being called "a psychopath", and a "cointelpro agent". Laura loves to call people names, to label them in some manner and to put people in boxes. Her dysfunctional personality does not allow her to compromise or communicate with those she disagrees with, so she just attacks them.

The main reason that Laura attacks me is because I know all about one of her big con jobs which I call:
The House Raffle Scam.


Laura Knight Jadczyk channels aliens from the constellation
Cassiopaea through a ouija board. She also believes that
aliens don't abduct those who smoke cigarettes.
That must be why she chain smokes.

In 2002 Laura raffled her house (see above link). I watched via the internet as she sold tickets to the house raffle. Claiming that her home is Port Richey Florida was worth three times more than it actually was, Laura never declared a winner and she and her husband Ark soon mysteriously escaped to France with all of the money.

Later Laura sold the house to the Swanson family for $95,000.00. This is clearly an illegal act. This is clearly fraud, grand theft and larceny.

No one knows but Laura how much she scammed in the House Raffle Scam. Sources close in say $150,000.00 in tickets were sold. When you add on the sale of the house the scam could be as high as $250,000.00.

Laura has never offered to give the money back to the ticket buyers. As usual she blames everyone else for the criminal activity while taking all of the money for herself. Until Laura comes forth with the truth about the House Raffle Scam we have to assume that the higher figure is correct.

Laura Knight Jadczyk knows that she made a huge mistake by getting me involved in her life. I am sure she regrets calling me names in 2001, not because she feels bad about the name-calling but because she realizes that I am watching every move she makes from here on out.

Laura knows that I have contacted every law enforcement agency that I can to inform them of her illegal activities.

Laura Knight Jadczyk first began attacking me in 2001 on her website because of my former co-writer Vincent Bridges. Vincent Bridges was on the Board of Directors of her Perseus Foundation, and was a very good friend of Laura's, having visited her several times in Florida. The Perseus Foundation was an illegal 501c3. The IRS is investigating the whole shady nature of this illegal organization right now.

Along the way Vincent had invited her to his conference held at Zaca Lake Retreat in California.
Laura said "yes" and Vincent spent thousands of dollars to promote the event. Laura finally decided that the drive to California was going to be too much for her and she cancelled at the last minute.
But instead of backing out gracefully, she decided to hide the real reasons for not attending and to make up other reasons that would appear more dramatic and raise her cache with disappointed followers who wanted to attend the conference.

She suddenly began attacking Vincent Bridges, calling him a "black magician" and a "dark sorcerer" she insulted his appearance, she called his wife names, she announced that one of the participants in the conference, Paul LavIolette, had committed murder in Poland. Everyone involved was stunned by these sudden and horrific attacks.

Because of these vicious and unexpected attacks, Vincent Bridges had to cancel the event. He sent all of the money back to the ticket buyers and tried to reason with Laura.

But Laura cannot reason. Even though she told me in an email in 2001 that she cancelled the appearance solely because she "didn't want to deal with the hassle of driving from Florida to California", she still stuck with the cover story that she never knew that Vincent Bridges was interested in the occult and that this was the main reason she cancelled.

That this occurred two years after she read the first edition of the book that I and Vincent Bridges had penned titled "A Monument to the End of Time", which specifically deals with the occult was bizarre to say the least.

Of course the accusations against Bridges were just a lie made up by Laura to get her out of the conference. When her life is fully examined we can see that this was just one of a long chain of lies going way back to her teenage years and beyond.

Vincent Bridges ended up losing over $5000.00 on the cancelled event. ($2,000 for the rental and $3,000 in advertising and promotion).

Laura repeated this whole act again recently when she cancelled out of the Nexus Conference in Amsterdam. After agreeing to appear she suddenly began attacking one of the participants, Jim Humble, as a fraud. Because he was appearing at the conference she would now be a no show. Without offering a shred of real evidence against Humble she cancelled at the last minute, just like she did at Zaca Lake.

The whole sequence of events was eerily close to what she had done nine years earlier to Vincent Bridges.

I am a witness to both events and they are bone-chillingly similar.

The real point to all of this is that Laura does not care if people are screwed, if they lose money because of her actions. All she cares about is herself.

Here is the scenario just in case you get caught in her snare:
Laura has an inside group of attack dogs and when she decides, they attack. These are her cult followers who lavish praise on her and her books (see Laura's books on amazon and then read the reviews from her cult followers).

The attack gang fills Laura's forum up with the most disgusting gossip and third hand back talk imaginable. They usually focus on one person.

Laura picks the person and the rest immediately gang up on the poor victim. They make cruel jokes about the victim's appearance and their intelligence. They call the victim the usual names that the cult has brandished for those outside their circle.

At first the victim attempts to respond in a nice and polite fashion. But her group keeps the insults coming until the victim finally starts angrily reacting. The angry reaction, engendered by Laura and her attack gang, is then used as the evidence that the victim is either a "psychopath" or a "cointelpro agent".

Realizing that she had a tiger by the tail Laura sent me an email in 2007 in which she told me that she was going to digitally publish my first book A Monument to the End of Time on her website and give it away for free to anyone who wanted it.

Like the House Raffle Scam it never occurred to Laura that this act might be unethical and illegal. The sheer immorality of even thinking of stealing someone's work and giving it away for free never crossed her mind.

I guess she thought that this email threat would intimidate me and make me back down from exposing her activities in the House Raffle Scam and other cons. She is wrong about me, just as she was wrong when she took the money.

Laura also spent a huge amount of money hiring private detectives to investigate myself and my former co-writer Vincent Bridges. When she could find zero evidence of me being involved in any kind of criminal or government activity she called off the private detectives from wasting anymore of her (stolen) money.

But she did publish the private detective's findings on Vincent Bridges (See So what did the detective discover about my former co-writer? The end result of Laura's expensive investigation revealed that Vincent Bridges had not paid a parking ticket some years earlier.

Laura could find nothing else on Vincent Bridges so she then reached the conclusion that no evidence WAS evidence. Since there was no evidence that Vincent Bridges was a 'cointelpro agent' or a 'psychopath' that HAD to be proof that he was a 'cointelpro agent' and a 'psychopath'. Like her meandering writing style, Laura's investigative skills just wind around in a loop going nowhere, discovering nothing.

Laura is obsessed with psychopaths. She writes about them all the time. Why is she obsessed with psychopaths? Psychopaths don't care what they do to other people. Psychopaths do crazy things like channel aliens through ouija boards. Psychopaths try to destroy people's lives by spreading lies about them. Psychopaths have to marry frequently because soon their spouses discover who they really are. Psychopaths rip people off of money and possessions without a thought as to whether what they are doing is right or wrong. Psychopaths invent reasons to do wrong, These reasons frequently appear to be done for the greater good. Psychopaths always claim to be victims when they are caught. Psychopaths cannot admit wrong doing, they can never apologize and they always attack first.
I contend to you oh gentle reader that Laura Knight Jadczyk's obsession with psychopaths is a direct result of her own psychopathy. Laura is literally attempting to heal her own psychosis with her obsession with psychopaths. Is it possible for a psychopath to heal themselve? Judging from Laura the answer is an absolute NO.

Because Laura is probably a psychopath she reacts to information concerning psychopaths and she inverts it. Instead of realizing that the traits of a psychopath are part of her personality Laura projects her own fears outwards and turns everyone else into a psychopath. In Laura's world everyone but her loyal followers is a psychopath or a potential psychopath. Only she and her followers are safe from the contagious disorder.

Certainly the behavior listed above is all the evidence needed to understand her obsession; channeling aliens, attacking innocent people, thinking that everyone is an agent, even Attempted Murder. Yes you heard me right. Laura Knight Jadczyk was once arrested for Attempted Murder.

There is nothing more painful for me than to see someone abusing their position and power in the spiritual community. Charlatans and frauds need to be exposed. It is the duty of all of us to report fraudulent activities in our community. That is the main point of this post. When someone uses their stature to host a Fake House Raffle it needs to be exposed.

Like the Fake House Raffle she also has a Fake News Site called SOTT which is a cut and paste operation in which she takes stories from Drudge and

The fake news site is designed to get people to join her doomsday cult so she can sucker more money out of them. Like everything else she does; it is a con job.

SOTT has already been caught several times plagiarizing other people's work.

Almost everything Laura does is fake. Her book reviews are fake, her channeling is fake, her research is fake, her news site is fake, her house raffle was a fake, her apocalypse is fake, her scholarship is fake.

Among the people that Laura has attacked as "psychopaths" and "cointelpro agents" are David Icke, Terry Cole Whitaker, Jordan Maxwell, myself, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Alex Constantine, Les Visible, Michael Tsarion, George Noory, Art Bell and about three million others. In every single case Laura has initiated the attacks and she uses her cult followers to harass, insult and demean the victim.
If you are being attacked or have already been attacked by this crazy woman you should wear it as a badge of honor. Laura only attacks those for whom she is jealous. Whatever you did that angered her and her cult followers is no doubt based on honor and telling the truth, two things for which Laura has no need.

On her early website in the late 1990's, when I first noticed her and her odd activities, she wrote several times about how George Soros and her husband Ark Jadczyk were associates. She claimed that Soros paid for Ark to travel to the US.

For sure we know that Ark Jadczyk and Soros were on a panel once to study depopulation. Now we know that Soros is behind the funding of Agenda 21 which is a depopulation plan disguised as "environmentalism".

As Soros became more well known and his funding of secretive New World Order fronts was starting to get out, Laura decided to diminish the link between her husband and the father of the New World Order: George Soros.

Her site has since been scrubbed clean of these references.
There is little doubt in my mind that the entire "cassiopaean experiment" is a mind control experiment designed by the New World Order. As well as being an associate of George Soros, Ark Jadczyk also worked for DARPA, the DOD's favorite mind control agency.

Whatever you do, stay away from Laura Knight Jadczyk. Not only will you be scammed out of all of your money but she will get into your mind and attempt to control that also. With links to pentagon mind control organizations like DARPA the smart move would be to stay far way.

She is a dangerous person.

My name is Jay Weidner and if you have any information on Laura Knight Jadczyk that you would like to share with me I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more info on Laura read this jaw dropping nonsense from the St. Petersburg Times

If you purchased a ticket in the House Lottery Scam please contact the Pasco County Sheriff:
Jennifer Morton
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.