(or how I learned that channeling aliens via a ouija board and conning the new age can lead to a chateau in southern France, a serious weight problem and the apocalypse.)

From: jayweidner.com – by Jay Weidner

Laura Knight Jadczyk has been attacking me (Jay Weidner) on the internet for over 10 years now. Until recently I have never publicly responded to these attacks. Laura uses her vast web resources to attack me both in person and anonymously.

I have been called many things by Laura Knight Jadczyk including being called "a psychopath", and a "cointelpro agent". Laura loves to call people names, to label them in some manner and to put people in boxes. Her dysfunctional personality does not allow her to compromise or communicate with those she disagrees with, so she just attacks them.

The main reason that Laura attacks me is because I know all about one of her big con jobs which I call:
The House Raffle Scam.


Laura Knight Jadczyk channels aliens from the constellation
Cassiopaea through a ouija board. She also believes that
aliens don't abduct those who smoke cigarettes.
That must be why she chain smokes.

From: Cassiopaea.net



Over the years we have established contacts with some other web sites and their owners who are friendly to our work and goals. In specific, during the past two years, we have developed a mutually supporting relationship with the owner of the montalk.net site.

When we began researching the issue of Organic Portals, the owner was one of the first to pick up on our research and attempt to extend it.

We had many questions about the approach he took. We were in frank disagreement over many of the things he wrote and published on his site. We have had many exchanges over these issues. The owner's approach is, we believe, very dangerous. It leads to the quick judgment and labeling of others, pigeonholing people, something we work very carefully to avoid.

We think that life is much more complex than the simplistic "check-list" analyses on montalk.net would like to suggest.

Our interest in this issue has never been that of "spot the OP".

This long-standing difference recently led to an in-depth review of the articles on his site.

It is with great regret that we announce the fact that there are extremely important philosophical, political, and ethical differences, differences of a profound character, between the authors of the articles published on montalk.net and the owners of the cassiopaea.org site.

From: Montalk

Why the rift? - montalk gives his impression (updated 2009)

I have gotten many emails over the past two years wondering what happened when my association with the Quantum Future School ended in mid August of 2003. So, I decided to finally put a page together with some of my views on the matter. Hopefully this saves me from having to recapitulate the sordid events with every reply.

(I am not willing to debate or discuss this issue any further,
as this page should suffice for those with eyes to see. I do
this solely as a service for those who wish to know.


I became aware of the Cass material in late 1999 or 2000, and joined their discussion group in early 2001. In the summer of 2002 I attended the first Cassiopaean Conference held in Florida. There I met Laura and her husband and most everyone in the research group. During all that time from 1999 to 2002, their philosophy, research focus, and approach to channeling seemed to have remained the same or else become better.