Key Facts About Mind Control

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The process in which a person gains control over one’s own mind and subsequently influence their own thinking, attitude, behavior, emotions or decision making is known as mind control. This term has various other aliases which are brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform and systematic manipulation of psychological and social influence.

When a person adapts this technique with full perfection he is able to make anyone do things according to the manipulator’s will. It is a form of hypnosis in cases where two parties are involved where in the victim of coercive persuasion can create new attitudes to do those things willingly which they formerly might have detested.

When the technique of mind control is practiced on oneself it helps the individual in a variety of ways. It helps you to communicate with yourself and understand your capabilities that have been submerged within you all your life and finally to channel your strength and learn how to use it to your own benefit. By aiding you in gaining total control of your emotions and thoughts thus developing self control this technique is an ultimate life saver and proves to boost your inner confidence. You tend to use this balanced control on yourself to tackle any kind of major difficulties you come across in life.

This technique not just helps you gain self control but also makes you so influential in the eyes of the people around you thus winning over their respect and eventually paving a way to a peaceful life. It is rather easy to control other organs of your body like your eyes, hands, legs and so on wherein when you want to close your eyes your brain signals the eyes to be closed and so it is done but when it comes to the mind, the moment you decide not to think of a certain thing, the mind thinks of it anyway. The moment you are able to manipulate your thinking according to your own will you can be successfully termed as a master of your own consciousness.

Hypnosis is one of the techniques of mind control where you experience a change in your thoughts and feelings and an alteration in your perception of certain things. In cases of extreme pain or hurt it can ask your mind to eliminate the pain which does prove to be so when you have total control of your mind. Thus mind control is effectively used as a painkiller and a way to alleviate anxiety. Sleeping and eating disorders can be cured using this technique. Techniques like self-hypnosis is one of the most effective mind control procedure practiced on one self that eventually helps you come out of a stressful situation, get rid of bad habits and addictions and inculcate self-motivation. You also gain the ability to prevent some memories from occurring in your mind that might have caused emotional disturbance in the past.

Sometimes psychotherapists make their patients listen to recorded tapes of positive messages that are aimed at seeping in the positive thoughts into the patient’s mind and thus changing their outlook towards certain things. Another mind control technique is to practice the silent treatment. At times there are people or situations that bother us to the extremes but when you gain effective control on your mind you tend to be neutral towards these unwanted elements in your life and try and be indifferent to what has been bothering you. By remaining indifferent you attain peace of mind and instead make the others who create trouble for you wonder how well you handle the situation with your calm attitude. This behavior not only changes your way of thinking but also changes the way people approach you.

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