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Instead of setting the masses free from the matrix that controlled them, ... For instance, family duty was right up there with College Football! ... has various other aliases which are brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, ...

Thought Reform / Systematic Brainwashing
Brainwashing is a subject of psychology of which very little is known. This is due, in part, to the fact that experimentation within the realm of brainwashing is known to be psychologically damaging and would therefore be an illegal human experiment. This is likely why the vast majority of people do not understand the techniques of brainwashing and how it is so effectively hidden in cults as well as in deceptively marketed therapeutic teen programs.

"Brainwashing" and Cultural Diffusion
The term brainwashing nearly always refers to some process of recruitment or resocialization and has a quite negative connotation. The brainwashing idea has become rather pervasive within the United States, with the term now being used in many different contexts, including the legal one. This brief review has shown that the brainwashing notion has been involved in many different types of actions within the American legal system. Usually the side in a legal dispute presenting brainwashing-based claims wins, especially when to accept the claims means that juries and judges can "send a message" about their displeasure with "cults." (52) Thus, the past two or three decades have seen the development of a very powerful "social weapon" to use against unpopular groups (both political and religious) within America. (53)


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