Seeking the Third Story

Seeking the Third Story – 59 minutes

From: Thunderbolts website

Author David Talbott suggests that all of human history can be seen as just two stories. First, came the story of ancient mythology, when towering gods were said to have ruled the world. Then came the story of science, emerging from a growing distrust of the myths and a new emphasis on direct observation and reason.
But a third story is possible, according to Talbott, one that sees the underlying provocation of the myths in extraordinary electrical events occurring close to the Earth. That discernment will lead to a new perspective on modern science as well. Today, a third story IS possible. But it requires a reconsideration of both human stories—that of myth and that of “settled science”—seeing both through the fresh lens of the Electric Universe.”

The Cosmic Thunderbolts part 1

The Cosmic Thunderbolt, part 1 – 10 minutes

Presented here are the first glimpses of Episode Three in the series "Symbols of an Alien Sky."

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