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Just imagine the headline: E.T. RIDDLE SOLVED IN ANCIENT TEXTS

This is how the codexes found at Nag Hammadi might have been announced in a tabloid newspaper — if scholars on the ground had realized that these obscure documents contained a lucid explanation of alien intervention. The find in Egypt in December 1945 was truly sensational, but perhaps the real thrill is yet to come.

What if it were to become known to the world at large that Gnostic teachings contain a clear and comprehensive description of the ET/UFO enigma?

If this is indeed so, then the Gaia Mythos unfolding in this site will incorporate a new element: the activity of the Archons, the Alien Dreaming. Despite countless attempts, no contemporary theory convincingly explains the cosmic origin of an alien predatory species, but if the arising of the Archons is an inherent part of the Gaian evolutionary mythos, then we are looking at an altogether different game-plan, a new perspective on our place in the cosmos at large.

piso01 01How and Why Ancient Rulers Needed to Create a Universal Religion

It has been my recent privilege to receive a manuscript by Roman Piso, entitled “The Synthesis of Christianity.” I have read dozens of books about the history of Christianity, but this one is by far the most unique.

Perhaps Piso’s quote from Abelard Reuchlin sums up his thesis best:

“It was Flavius Josephus who was the creator of Jesus.”

Piso spent many years researching the fraud of Christianity. It seems that many scholars had previously come to the conclusion that Josephushad indeed created Christianity.

This book, however, presents the authorship of the New Testament as regards the Roman Piso family, the antiquity of which goes back to ancient Rome. Members of the royal Piso family were the composers of the New Testament. The reasons are discussed in the “Piso Theory” and the “Royal Supremacy Theory.”

In a nutshell, the Royals of ancient times invented and promoted superstitions for the purpose of controlling people. The Royals were the only ones who were literate, and who had freedoms, including the freedom of speech. Promoting religion for the purpose of control was the duty and responsibility of the Royals, who were atheists. They knew there were no gods, for they had created them. The main control they sought to preserve was slavery.