6 Months Of Hacking At The Root

6-months_hack_the_rootBy Silver Shield,on June 28th,2011

I have spent only 6 months hacking at the root of power. I know many have been doing it for decades. They have inspired me to join the fight full time. I started publicly blogging to bring attention to the Sons of Liberty Academy. The Academy is by far the most comprehensive program in the world exposing the greatest story never told,the enslavement of humanity by the Elite. As I look back on some of the articles I have written, I have tried to pull all of the pieces together and provide a complete picture on what is really going on in the world. I am not just reporting on the news, I am bringing perspective you do not see to often on why things are happening. I bring the deeper perspective that is sorely missing in this sound bite news circus.

All of my work is centered on the Total Freedom concept I came up with for the Sons of Liberty Academy. Far to often we focus our energies on one aspect of freedom. For most it is the financial freedom we are looking for, but unless you are totally free you will never be happy. Think about how many rich people you know of that are completely miserable. I know many. Making money will never make you happy, it will just speed up life. If you are unhappy before you make money then you will just be unhappier faster with money.

“Most men live lives of quite desperation and go to the grave with their song still in their heart.” – Walt Whitman

I believe that you can become your highest self  when you become totally free. This is our purpose on this earth. I feel there is no higher calling in life then releasing people from the bonds that hold us back. Think of how many wonderful things that never came to be because of the chains others and we put on ourselves. If we want freedom, we are going to have to fight for it!

Intellectually Free From False Choices That Limit Us…

Politically Free From Ideas That Keep Us Divided Against Each Other…

Physical Free From Limitations That Prevent Us Form Becoming Healthy…

Financial Free From Lies That Keep Us In The Rat Race…

Emotional Free From Traps By Identifying Toxic People…

Spiritually Free To Find A Greater Purpose In This Life.

When you are free in all of these areas, you will be the change you want in the world. Below are some articles that I feel will help you in this journey towards total freedom. You will notice that they cover a broad range of issues and I try to use the most effective mediums to spread the word. Sometimes the ideas are big like those I put forth in the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield and The Game Changer: Unite or Die. Other times, it can be a simple picture. I try my best not to be a one trick pony and get you to question everything. Please take some time and and look back at some of the work I have put out over the past 6  months. I hope that you will spread the word (especially to other sites to print my articles) and keep supporting my efforts in the future. We are in a fight against a well funded machine, but the wind is at our back. With the right amount of effort, we can take back our future. If not for us, certainly for our children.

I am compelled to do this because I do not want my children to grow up in a paradigm based off of debt and war. They are a scourge to humanity and need to be destroyed. So many lives have been wasted to the debt and war paradigm. This is NOT how we were meant to live. We cannot expect our world to change by passively accepting this reality. I am doing everything in my power to raise awareness. Awareness is what evil fears most. Do you realize we do not actually have to “fight” evil? All we have to do is expose it and people will be repulsed by it. The challenge is exposing the evil people think that they are doing good. Once they see that they are NOT doing good, they will stop.  The mission becomes a lot easier when viewed this way. We do not have to “fight” the Military Industrial Complex or the Federal Reserve, we simply need to expose the evil that they do, so that good people no longer passively accept or participate these actions.

The tide is shifting and our time is coming. The mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar is our chance to create a new world when our society hits rock bottom. Right now everyone is drunk on the “something for nothing” paradigm. When it collapses, the world will wake up with a huge hangover and ask, “what the hell happened. ” We will be the ones that were aware and prepared for the collapse and we will be the ones that will lead the future. Our challenge is to make our voice loud enough now, so that those that did not see this coming, will have NO say in what happens after the collapse.

Live Boldly,


P.S. I want to thank all of the people who are supporting this effort. Without them I would not have had the financial or emotional support to fight this fight. I cannot tell you how much energy I get from emails, comments, donations, and even going to the PO Box and getting 1922 Peace Dollar from a gentleman that has been holding on to for years from his grandfather. He told me that his grandfather warned him about all of the stuff I am talking about on the blog, and that info his grandfather gave him has been all of the difference in his life. His contribution he felt would impact many more people. Another really amazing story is a military contractor in Afghanistan that went through the Academy and could no longer participate in the machine. He even convinced a few of his friends to quit with him. These are just two of the stories I know about. With over 360,000 people that have come to the site in the past 6 months, I am sure that most amazing stories we will never really know about.

Keep pressing forward, we will win.