A Hidden Danger of the Fukushima Daiichi Spent Fuel Pool 4

fukushima 5-25-12

From: STG Report

“If anything happens, this is not just about the end of Japan, probably start of the end of the world”

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from Goldieluvmj:

At 23:00: Shin-ichi Sano, Author:

…The world had not choice but to pay attention.

Q: People have said that we must gather expertises from around the world in order to solve the current problem. Regarding Fukushima, this has to happen, don’t you think?

A: Indeed. As you say, there is no time for silly arguments. If anything happens, this is not just about the end of Japan, probably start of the end of the world. I would like them to realize that we are in such crisis situation.

TEPCO is doing something and saying anything to look busy. I feel sorry for the workers who are putting their lives on the line while TEPCO ptb plays monopoly. I hope they get stuck in jail soon.

But more importantly, our lives are in their hands!! TEPCO doesn't have expertises, they shouldn't be left on their own to solve this nuclear crisis because they are on track to kill you.

I think Mr Naka has a lot more to say. The way he answered the interviewer's questions and his expression tells me that there are more that needs to be said. To me, he appears almost in tears.

I am sure he is feeling responsible and cares for his staff, feeling sorry that he has been a part of the nuclear industry but show must go on, he must continue his duty, he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I guess some of us feel the same way about the current worldwide nuclear crisis while others go on watching the xfactor, never knowing what Fukushima means. I, and perhaps you, want to do something to improve this dire situation but it's almost like out of our hands.

So please pray, it only takes seconds, the world needs every little positive energy.
OM -- peace to the world.

First broadcast on 25.05.2012