9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera

From: Ace Baker 911 Research blog

Ace Baker provides the best and most thorough analysis proving that real planes did not hit the WTC. Yes, it's very difficult to believe that the various videos and photos showing planes hitting the WTC on 9/11 were all digitally manipulated, and that the various lie-witnesses lied about seeing planes, and that the mainstream media video feed was compromised, but the facts presented in this video leave no doubt that the videos showing planes crashing into the WTC are digital deceptions.

Several attempts to debunk Ace Baker's analysis have failed including the most shameful attempt by Mr. Wright on the Hardfire interview with Ron Wieck. This Ace Baker video dismantles the attempting debunking by Mr. Wright, which some people have used to falsely claim that Ace Baker's evidence is wrong. As the evidence in this video proves, it is Mr Wright that is wrong and his lies and misrepresentations are fully exposed. Watch this video, and you be the judge. (or watch the video below in a larger format on tab: 07- The Key)

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01 - Broken News

Revisit 9/11 through the lens of television news.